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On June 20, 2012, the “Citizen Demand for Another Cuba” was delivered to the National Assembly of People’s Power, calling on the Cuban government to respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The “Citizen Demand for Another Cuba,” signed by hundreds of Cubans on the Island and in the diaspora, demands that the government immediately implement the legal and political guarantees endorsed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed by the Cuban authorities on 28 February 2008 in New York.

This demand was delivered to the headquarters of the National Assembly as written evidence of our attachment to our rights under the Constitution of Cuba and the definitive will to fight for changes that will permit a democratic transition on the island.

This is a legal action recognized by the Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Covenants and the Covenants referred to.

In the coming months the campaign “For Another Cuba” [Por Otra Cuba] will be developed through concerts, performances, flyers, etc. We hope that all Cubans with a vocation for democracy will support and help to distribute the text of the demand, the activities of the campaign, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Original text of the Demand submitted on June 20, 2012 in the Office of Public Affairs of the National Assembly of People’s Power.

Citizen Demand for Another Cuba

As Cubans, legitimate children of this land and an essential part of our nation, we feel a deep sorrow at the prolonged crisis that we are experiencing and the demonstrated inability of the current government to make fundamental changes. This obliges us, from civil society, to seek and demand our own solutions.

The miserable incomes, shortages of food and shelter, the massive emigration due to lack of opportunities, the discrimination against those who think differently, the absence of spaces for public debate, the arbitrary arrests and lack of citizen rights, the corruption and the tenure and inability to remove the ruling elite, are some of the symptoms of the difficult reality facing us.

We want to debate publicly the dual currency, immigration restrictions, rights of workers to a living wage, the right of all Cubans, wherever they live, to promote economic initiatives in their own country, the demographic crisis, free access to the Internet and new technologies. We want to discuss the exercise of democracy.

The Constitution of the Republic of Cuba establishes:

In its Article 3: In the Republic of Cuba sovereignty resides in the people from whom all the power of the State originates.

And in its Article 63: Every citizen has the right to direct complaints and petitions to the authorities and to receive the appropriate attention or responses in a timely manner, according to law.


Immediately implement the essential legal guarantees and policies conceived in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ratify the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights, signed by the Government of Cuba on February 28, 2008 in New York City. This would ensure full respect for citizens regardless of their ideas or their political-social actions and restore the rights of everyone who, in their opinions, disagrees with the government. We consider these rights essential to the formation of a modern, free and plural Cuba that will receive us all equally and place our sovereignty in a dynamic and increasingly global world.

We are committed to democratic transformation where everyone can contribute their views and contribute to its realization. We invite all Cubans inside and outside the Island who identify with these demands, to join this just and necessary claim. Our expectation of being heard by the government is almost exhausted, yet we have decided to bring the authorities this demand as an urgent recourse to achieve effective understanding. We are determined not to accept institutional silence in response to this demand for the ratification of the agreements mentioned.

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  1. Osvaldo says:

    I wonder if a list has been compiled of all the militant types responsible for the atrocities and injustices perpetrated on the civilian population of Cuba. In the end, responsibility lies with each individual willing to act on behalf of the government. It is ultimately he/she that helps propagate this Government’s agenda. It is important to know who these people are and where they are at all times. If/when Cuba finds its freedom, this group of “escorias” of humanity will find places to hide from which to continue their cowardly attack. Let’s face it, these are not the mambices and “guajiros” (War Heroes) that willingly gave their lives and risked everything for a cause. These are the cowards that act in unison or groups and only become revolucionarios behind the cover of disguise and a symbolic badge that provides impunity. They are the rats that jump ship at the first opportunity. I say we start compiling this list of names and personal detail before they have a chance to scatter. Too many of these “hard-core”, blood stained “revolucionarios” now live a consequence free life outside Cuba. Too many of them live/enjoy the imperialist model they so harshly criticized while blending in to an unassuming public in the safety of a Miami neighborhood. They are among us and we (you and me) mingle with them unknowingly. Let me be clear, I am referring specifically to those high and mighty communists who pointed fingers and took part in attacks against the oppressed and helpless. They inevitably conjure parallels in my mind to those Nazis and their descendants now living “consequence free” in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and elsewhere.
    That’s my rant, feels good to vomit this poison inside!!

  2. Osvaldo says:

    Creo que mejor lo escribo en espaniol:
    Me pregunto si alguien tiene o se esta compilando una lista de los nombre de estos policias y otros cochinos militantes responsables por los abusos, atrocidades e injusticias contra la poblacion civil de Cuba. En fin, la responsabilidad/culpabilidad queda con los individuos dispuestos a actuar en nombre de ese govierno. Es finalmente ese elemento el que ayuda a propagar la agenda de dicho govierno. Creo que es importante saber quienes son y donde estanen cada momento del presente y el futuro. Si/cuando Cuba encuentre su libertad, Este grupo de escorias de la humanidad buscara y encontrara lugares escondidos de donde continuar sus covardes ataques. Aceptemos la realidad de que estos, no son ni los mambices ni los guajiros (war heroes) de nuestra historia que voluntariamente ariesgaron todo incluso la vida por sus causas respectivas. Estos covardes, por contraste solo actuan en unison o grupos y son mas revolucionarios que nadie tras el velo de un disfras y/o la posicion de govierno que les provee impunidad. Suelen ser las ratas primeras en abandor su causa a la primera oportunidad. Espero/ sugiero que alguien dentro de Cuba con accesso, comiense dicha lista de nombres y detalles personales antes que tenga oportunidad de regarse y esconderse por los numerosos rincones del mundo. Muchos/demasiados de estos verificados revolucionaros con sangre en sus manos, hoy viven vidas sin consequensia dentro y fuera de Cuba. Son muchos los que viven y disfrutan del modelo imperialista que tanto y tan fuertemente criticaron desde su puesto de poder. Estos viven escondidos entre un publico ignorante desde la seguridad y comodidad de un besindario de Miami entre otros. Estan entre nosotros (tu y yo) y nos rosamos y compartimos con ellos ignorante de sus pasados. Quiero aclarar que me refiero especificamente a aquellos comunistas empoderados por el govierno, chismosos, chivatos y de malas entranas que disfrutaban de su poder y senalaban y atacaban a sus hermanos oprimidos e indefensos ante el monstruo que es Castro y su pandilla. Esta jente inevitablemente me causan imagenes paralelas con aquellos Nazis y sus desendientes que hoy viven “sin consequencias” en Brazil, Argentina, Chile y otros rincones del mundo.
    Es todo lo que pienso, y me trae confort el votar este veneno que traigo por dentro

    – See more at: http://www.porotracuba.org/about-for-another-cuba-2/#comment-75923

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